Virtualize Your Real Estate Portfolio
Leading companies are using WorkFit to manage their workspace as a utility - driving significant improvements in efficiency and slashing operating costs. Visit our features gallery to find out how you can use mobile workforce to your benefit.
Mobile work = reduce personal expenses
Save Money

Employees using WorkFit save an average of $2116 per year in auto fuel, parking and maintenance. That's a nice contribution to the family vacation fund.
Fact Over Fiction
Leading organizations are using WorkFit data to drive enterprise decisions ranging from individual employee suitability to global real estate portfolio planning. Find out how you can use workforce mobility data to your benefit.
Mobile work = reduce daily commute
Balance Work / Life

Employees using WorkFit save an average of 83 hours per year in reduced commute time. Wouldn't it be nice to start the day right - maybe even breakfast with the family?
Assess, Analyze, And Measure
WorkFit provides your organization with the tools to assess your ever-changing workforce requirements, manage the transition to a more sustainable work environment, and measure the ongoing benefits to your company, your employees, and the environment. Visit our features gallery to find out how WorkFit can work for your company.
Mobile work = reduce emissions footprint
Save Planet

Employees using Workfit save an average of 1.6 tons of green house gas emissions per year. Mother Nature will thank you.
Better Workplace provides software and services that help organizations improve their performance through workforce mobility management.

Learn more about Better Workplace.

Introducing WorkFit
WorkFit is a simple, yet powerful, SaaS solution that will help your organization understand how today's mobile employees work and, more importantly, what is needed to better align company workplace and technology resources with mobile work styles.

The results? Organizations leveraging WorkFit by Better Workplace are positioned to realize millions in operational savings, improve employee effectiveness and substantially enhance environmental efficiency - directly impacting shareholders, employees, and the communities where we live and work.

Learn more about WorkFit or check out what WorkFit can do for your business.

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