WorkFit by Better Workplace.

Simple assessment.
Actionable reports.
Better workplaces.

WorkFit provides a quick and easy way to assess how employees are working in your organization. After completing the assessment, Better Workplace provides organizations with data and insights needed to support decision-making around distributed and remote workforce planning and triples bottom line reporting.

  • Create a physical environment that reduces risk
  • Implement procedures to ensure employees feel safe
  • Inform policies and procedures that support your remote workforce
  • Distributed approach to workforce management – remote plus office
  • Weave remote working arrangements into your culture

Distributed Workforce Made Easy!

What better time than now. Most companies are experiencing distributed workforces for the first time. The uncertainty on the workplace created by COVID-19 is going to last for the next 24 months.

Organizations leveraging WorkFit by Better Workplace are positioned to realize millions in operational savings, improve employee effectiveness and substantially enhance environmental efficiency – directly impacting shareholders, employees and the communities where we live and work. WorkFit also helps organizations:

  • Lower operating and benefit plan costs
  • Drive efficiency, reduce emissions & support conservation
  • Improve employee engagement, performance and productivity
  • Improved environmental, social and corporate governance
  • Support your business continuity planning