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News and Events Greg Cats of Better Workplace Highlights Current Trends in Green in Webinar

Greg Cats spoke regarding Curent Trends in Green in a webinar recently, discussing changes in commercial/public building design, health gains, and security.

View the Webinar: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/882048489

Download the PDF: http://www.costar.com/webimages/webinars/CoStar-Webinar-CurrentTrendsinGreen20130627.pdf

Better Workplace announces the release of WorkFIt, the simple workforce mobility survey.

Workfit is a simple, yet powerful, SaaS solution that will help your organization understand how today's mobile employees work and, more importantly, what is needed to better align company workplace and technology resources with mobile work styles.

Employees can get started for free at:: https://login.get-workfit.com/

Better Workplace announces Up2, a new location based social networking application for mobile emloyees

Up2, by Better Workplace, allows employees to check-in and share work status, stay connected with colleagues, and manage the financial and environmental impacts of their daily work choices.

Register today at: https://login.betterworkplace.com/

Previous Events

CoreNet Global Summit in San Diego April 29-May 1, 2012

Visit us at the CoreNet Global Summit in San Diego April 29-May 1, 2012 and see some of our new products.

More details at http://www.corenetglobal.org/Events/SanDiegoSummit2012/?navItemNumber=16221

New WOW Symposium, March 18-21, 2012

New WOW Symposium, March 18-21, 2012, Overcoming the Barriers to New Ways of Working, Palo Alto, California. Network with us and share best practices.

More details at http://newwow.net/events/newwow-symposium-12-overcoming-barriers-new-ways-working

The BetterWorld Forum - Future of Work, March 6, 2012

Better Workplace will be a showcase at the invite-only BetterWorld Forum, a new quarterly gathering of Bay Area leaders with a focus towards the intersection of the broadband economy + future of work + the resulting benefits for our society and environment.

Federal Telework Week

Federal Telework Week is March 5 to 9, 2012, encouraging agencies and companies to try it for a week. Is your organization planning to participate?

Come see us at the Work Anywhere Symposium 2011

Come see us at the Work Anywhere Symposium 2011 in Sacramento, CA on Sept. 22, 2011.

Participants will have an opportunity to collaborate on an approach for launching a state plan for teleworking solutions, develop effective organizational change models to meet future needs, and employ communication techniques to advance each other's role.

More details at http://www.cce.csus.edu/conferences/sce/was11/index.htm.

Come see us at the 3rd Annual Telework Summit

Come see us at the 3rd annual Telework Summit in San Francisco, CA on Sept. 20th & 21st, 2011.

You (and your leadership team) can't ignore it any longer. The truth is no one can ignore the obvious and fundamental change in the workforce, a change toward increased mobility and flexibility through telework. It's no longer even just about cost-savings, green initiatives or productivity gains, though those are certainly benefits. Simply stated, it is the new way that work is being done. It's quickly becoming the expectation rather than the perk, and rightfully so.

More details at http://www.teleworkadvocacy.com/teleworksummit/.

Better Workplace Joins Calgary Economic Development in the first Energy Roundtable, Calgary, Alberta, September 14, 2011

The power to transform communities within the region lies partially within equipping its leaders with the knowledge and toolsets to transform their organizations to meet the challenges of the changing nature of work and adopt more flexible work practices. Given the critical mass of oil and gas sector companies in Calgary, Better Workplace and Calgary Economic Development are meeting with this important business sector to create a unique and exclusive opportunity to provide information and the tools necessary for success.

Come see us at the Federal Executive Telework Summit

Come see us at the Federal Executive Telework Summit in Washington D.C. on Sept. 8, 2011.

This intimate event is designed for senior-level Government Agency executive teams to work together in building a telework initiative that synergistically coordinates human capital, technology, and facilities.

Download the invitation.

More details at http://www.ironbow.com/09082011/eventreg1.aspx?key=tkpU7fN0823

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