WorkFit helps you plan, enable and manage the shift to a hybrid or remote workplace.

WorkFit Features

Take all of the guesswork out of remote and hybrid work arrangements. WorkFit gives employees, managers, corporate resources professionals, and executives the information they need, at the time they need it.

Workforce segmentation, scenario modeling, triple bottom line forecasting, and voice of the workforce surveys are just a handful of the web-based tools ready to help your organization effectively manage the global shift to a hybrid or remote workplace.

Employee input

Employees simply complete a short online assessment on their work environment, job and personal suitability and preferences.

In most organizations “change is the only constant”. Relocating, changing roles, having a baby, or receiving a promotion are just a few of the changes that can have a significant impact on employee’s optimal work arrangements. WorkFit quickly and easily manages on-going work / life changes throughout year and ensures that your workforce is never out of sync.

Company Set-Up

Do all employees get a laptop and smart phone? Who should have an assigned workspace? Determine what the workforce requirements are compared to current work arrangements and quickly identify the technology and workplace enablers required by individual employee.

Helpful tips and step-by-step best practice guides take you quickly through the process and make it simple and fast for you to get up and running!


You are charged with pulling together your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) and/or Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) reports and are looking for the annual emissions impacts by month associated with employee commuting. What do you do? Simple. Access the full suite of triple bottom line reports, select employee commute, the C02e indicator, define your time period and bingo. You can even see how your employees are doing compared industry and regional norms.

The system comes loaded with dozens of business performance indicators including financial, environmental and social reports.

Ongoing Service

Our dedicated Customer Success Team will work with you throughout the year to ensure you are getting the most out of your WorkFit experience and keep you connected to the latest and greatest from the Better Workplace Community.