WorkFit helps you plan, enable and manage
the shift to the mobile workplace.

Assessments and Decision Tools

Take all of the guesswork out of flexible work arrangements. WorkFit gives employees, managers, corporate resources professionals, and executives the information they need, at the time they need it.

Workforce segmentation, scenario modeling, triple bottom line forecasting, team performance measurement, and voice of the workforce surveys are just a handful of the web-based tools ready to help your organization effectively manage the global shift to the mobile workplace.

Employee Enrollment and Change of Status

On-boarding is as easy as one-two-done. Employees simply (1) complete a short on-line assessment assessing their work practices / preferences / support requirements; (2) validate the systems generated recommendation; and (3) they're ready to start off in their new work arrangement.

In most companies "change is the only constant". Relocating, changing roles, having a baby, receiving a promotion are just a few of the changes that can have a significant impact on employee's optimal work arrangements. The system quickly and easily manages on-going work / life changes throughout year and ensure that your workforce never out of sync.

Management Approvals

The system will do its absolutely best to ensure the right employees are put in the right work arrangement. But managers have to maintain the ability to determine what is best for their line of business. The integrated approvals workflow brings the appropriate parties in to the decision, at the appropriate time, and with the appropriate information to make an informed choice.

Managers maintain control throughout the process and can always override system recommendations if that option is not the best interest of their business unit and / or does not provide the best fit for a specific employee.

Operational Metrics

Your CEO wants to see employee participation levels over the past year in a line chart. Or wants to run a "bad dog" report to assess if there are any business units that aren't playing by the new rules.

Quickly search for the reports that you want to see and select the filters with a simple click of the mouse. Done!

Company Set-Up

Do all employees get a laptop and smart phone? Who should get an assigned workspace? Set up your entire company leveraging our simple policy engine. Map workforce requirements to work arrangements and quickly specify the technology and workplace enablers required by individual employees.

Helpful tips and step by step best practices guides take you quickly through the process and make it simple and fast for you to get up and running!


Your COO is charged with pulling together the company's Corporate Social Responsibility Report is looking to you for the annual emissions impacts by months associated with employee commuting. What do you do? Simple. Access the full suite of triple bottom line reports, select employee commute, the C02e indicator, define your time period and bingo. You can even see how your employees are doing compared industry and regional norms.

The system comes loaded with dozens of business performance indicators and financial / environmental reports. But if we've missed something you can always export your company's data for more specific analysis and data modeling.

Customer Success

The majority of our customers set up their entire company in just a few minutes using our simple admin dashboard, but we're here to help if you hit a bump in the road. You can always reach us by phone, email, or even paper mail if you need a hand or just want to say hi.

Our dedicated Customer Success Team will work with your HR, IT, CRE functions throughout the year to ensure you are getting the most out of your WorkFit experience and keep you connected to the latest and greatest from the Mobile Workplace Community.

Give it a try for free, and share your results with your manager and team members.

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