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This FREE modelling tool provided by our partners at Better Workplace helps you consider employee work-style preferences in your workplace. It draws upon the employee work style preferences below to reveal workplace and workforce insights that lead to better planning outcomes. It can also be used to estimate your social purpose outcomes. Choose modelling where your workforce model was at pre-COVID-19, what your workforce model is during COVID-19 and where you think your workforce model will be post COVID-19.

This workforce scenario planning simulator is a FREE version of WorkFit by Better Workplace—a comprehensive and dynamic modeller and data analytic based on 28 questions developed by an industrial organizational psychologist about the workplace. WorkFit informs organizational scenario planning and decision making toward profitability, productivity and employee wellbeing.

“As compelling as coronavirus may feel, workforce illness is not a business case; and massive corporate decisions must be made on evidence, not emotions. So, to make an educated and intentional decision about how telecommuting will impact your business, research the processes and understand the benefits that you can expect by making the change” – Forbes

Get started by considering four employee work style preferences

The Flexible Hybrid Performer

The Flexible Hybrid performer prefers flexibility to start and finish work the workday. Will work remote if needed. This role is 1-3 days a week in the office or at home. This arrangement is for someone who can perform their work in various locations, e.g. either in the office, a coffee shop, a collaboration centre or at home. This role is likely in the office only for meetings

The Work From Home Performer

The Work From Home Performer prefers working remote most of the time during regular business hours. The Work From Home Performer has what they need to work from anywhere and comes to the office if there is a need. This role works from home 80% of the time – 4 days a week.

The Office Performer

The Office Performer prefers a set schedule during business hours and working in the office. The Office Performer may also have resources, equipment in the office that make it necessary to be there all the time. This role is 80-100% in the office, likely essential. Potential to work 1 day from home on occasion.

The Remote Performer

The Remote Performer prefers to work anytime from anywhere. The Remote Performer wants the option to have flexible hours in the day as well as choose their location depending on daily needs. Prefers not to work in the office. This role is 90%+ remote, very rarely in the office and uses a hotel station when in the office. This role can be geographically dispersed and work anywhere, any time.

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Think about your current and optimal workplace and the realities you face in maintaining productive and positive work environment.

Using the form at left, make your selections and move the sliders to allocate 100% of your workforce based on the four employee work-style preferences. Try modelling before, during and after COVID-19.

Press the Calculate Savings button to reveal insights about how you can consider supporting your strategic goals while ensuring employee productivity and well-being.

We automatically generate a preliminary report summary based on your selections. We can also send you a formatted report that you can share with others by adding you contact information.