WorkFit lets organizations view the aggregate mobility data across the entire team. Compare work styles, team preferences, and build a mobile work environment that will help drive your team's productivity and effectiveness. And for those organizations that want support to manage the shift, WorkFit Premium offers a complete implementation and management system that will help you manage the transition to the mobile enterprise. Take some time to review the key features below or choose the group plan that works best for you.

Insightful, Ready-to-Use Reports

Executive dashboards, scenario modeling tools, and detailed workstyles reports provide your organization with all of the intelligence you need to launch your workforce mobility program. And simple filtering tools allow you to cut the data any way you like.


Compare your results to your competitors as well as private and public sector organizations throughout North America. Hundreds of organizations rely on WorkFit data to inform their IT, Real Estate and Human Capital Planning decisions. We can compare your organization with very similar companies using benchmark data that is the best in the industry.

Financial and Environmental Impacts

Office buildings and work related transportation are two of the leading contributors to an organization's environmental footprint. WorkFit for Business allows organizations to aggregate and analyze the financial, environmental and human capital impacts of their workforce. This impact data is an important component of any organization's Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Implementation Management

For those companies that want support, WorkFit can manage mobility program enrollment, manager approvals, mobility training, and track the status of all mobile employees across the company.
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