Sounds Great. How Does It Work?

So what's the special sauce in WorkFit? Actually it's simply good, old-fashioned research, testing and experience. WorkFit combines the collective knowledge of leading organizations and professionals that have rolled out successful mobile work programs encompassing hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide.

We Only Ask 25 Questions

The WorkFit Survey is comprised of 25 simple questions that have been developed and tested extensively using tens of thousands of people over the past 10 years.

Assess Work Environment Match

The WorkFit Score measures the match between an employee's work environment and their individual work style. The higher the score, the better equipped, the more productive /efficient / effective.

Enhance Mobility Kit

WorkFit provides employees with a personalized checklist of the key technology and workspace enablers that they require to be most productive. WorkFit partners will provide perks and discounts to help employees and managers fill identified gaps.

Track Improvements Over Time

The work environment is constantly changing, so employees can manage their WorkFit Score over time to see if they are bridging the most important gaps.
Give it a try for free, and share your results with your manager and team members.

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