Envision & Plan Data-driven solutions to help you plan where and how your people work and how it can improve your bottom line. Next Era Workplaces Plan Ahead of Respond to the implications of COVID-19 and what it means for workforce planning. Shifting Change Lower Benefit Plan Reduce disability claims, employee absenteeism, medical costs, real estate portfolio and capital expenditures. & Operating Costs Prove Cost Benefit WorkFit data drives better decisions and informs business continuity planning. & Performance Reduce Employees save an average of 1.6 tons of green-house gas emissions per year using Workfit. Workplace Emissions

Workforce Planning
Made Better

We provide research and data analytics services to help you improve hybrid and remote workforce planning and performance management.

Introducing WorkFit

Flexible Workforce Modelling

WorkFit is an easy way to assess how employees are working, how they would like to work and how they will be able to work in the future. WorkFit provides ideal recommended work arrangements and detailed reports to help align company resources based on hybrid and remote work styles, resulting in improved employee engagement and performance, better decisions based on data and insights, lower costs, and increased environmental efficiency.

Data Towards

Better Workplace is a data and insights driven company focused on the betterment of workplaces everywhere. This is done through hybrid and remote workplace modelling and consulting services.


WorkFit asks employees 28 standard questions that help you anticipate shifts in their work profiles and preferred work arrangements now and at intervals that work for your organization. Questions have been developed by an industrial organizational psychologist and tested extensively using tens of thousands of people over the past 10 years.

Bottom Line

We help organizations understand potential environmental, economic and social savings. WorkFit helps organizations model potential environmental (emission reductions), economic (employer and employee), and social (time saved, trips and accidents avoided) savings available through the adoption of hybrid and remote workforce programs.

Social Value

Environmental and social responsibility objectives can be served by hybrid and remote work. WorkFit models savings that can lead to environmental savings for your organization but also for each of your employees in the work styles they prefer.


Happy people, greater efficiency, healthy planet. Organizations leveraging WorkFit by Better Workplace are positioned to realize millions in operational savings, improve employee effectiveness and substantially enhance environmental efficiency – directly impacting shareholders, employees, and the communities where we live and work.

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